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Reasons To Get Your Child Involved In The World Of Model Trains

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Whether your child has always shown an avid interest in trains or is just looking for a new indoor hobby, it's worthwhile to consider buying a model train starter set and seeing if the child is drawn to it. Getting your child involved in the world of model trains -- especially if you enjoyed the hobby as a child, too -- gives you the opportunity for valuable parent-child quality time together. In an age when many children spend all their free time on the computer or in front of the TV, you and your child can instead head to the basement and work on setting up the train together. Beyond this advantage, here are some other reasons to consider this hobby.

It Develops Problem Solving

One of the perks of setting up model trains is that it gives the child a chance to solve a variety of different problems. Whereas some building pastimes, such as putting plastic blocks together, have plans to follow, there are no such guidelines when it comes to setting up tracks and building elements around the tracks. For example, a child will need to look at the available space on the model train table, assess the length of track that he or she has and come up with an idea of how to lay the track around the table. There will likely be layout obstacles to overcome, which will give the child a high degree of satisfaction when he or she succeeds.

It Improves Dexterity

Working on a model railroad setup helps the child be dexterous with his or her hands and fingers. There are a number of fine details that need to be addressed to set up a model railroad. Everything from using a fine hammer and tiny nails to hammer the track into the table to painting buildings, setting up mock vegetation and performing other tasks that make the scene come to life gives your child the chance to develop his or her fine-motor skills.

It Has Lasting Power

Unlike a number of children's activities, building a model railroad is something that can endure for many years. Whereas most children will stop playing with toy cars and action figures at a certain age, many adults of all ages continue to build model railroads and even attend hobby-themed shows in their cities. If your child really gravitates toward this hobby, you can often expect that he or she will continue to enjoy working on it well into adulthood.

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