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Four Different RC Helicopter Projects For Video And Photography Hobbies

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If you have a video or photography hobby, being able to take your own aerial shots may seem like a dream. Today, with affordable RC technology, you can get the shots you want from high up above. This can even be good if you are into sports and other hobbies and want to get video of the action. You will first want a stable aircraft, which can be provided with a quadcopter. Here are some a quadcopter projects to consider for your hobby photography needs:

1. More Affordable Tricopter Designs For Getting Your Feet Wet  

Before you get started with a big build, you will probably want to get your feet wet. A tricopter is a great project to start with. They can be more affordable because they require fewer parts, but they are also the least stable. Start with something small and the lower-end parts until you get the hang of flying.

2. Building A Quadcopter For More Control And Stability

Once you have done a tricopter, you may be ready for something a little more reliable. A quadcopter has four sets of blades, which gives it more stability. It is also easier to control and will have more of a load capacity than a tricopter. It will be one of the more affordable aircrafts that can give you a reliable way to take photo and video shots.

3. Hexcopter For More Stability, Safety And Control Of Your Aircraft

After you have crashed your quadcopter several times, you may be ready for something with a little more stability. The hexcopter can give you more stability and load capacity. When there is a problem with one set of blades, you will still be able to land it. This makes it safer and more reliable for your photography needs.

4. Octocopter For The Most Control, Load Capacity And Safety Of Aircraft

If you have tried all the other aircrafts, you may be ready for something more professional. To get the most control, safety and load capacity, an octocopter will be your best choice. These are drones with eight sets of blades, which will allow you to take advantage of the load capacity and control. You can carry extra batteries for longer flights, as well as better camera and video equipment.

These are some quadcopter projects that you may want to consider to meet your video and photography needs. If you need kits and parts for your project, contact a quadcopter dealer to get everything you need for your RC aircraft.