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Three Hammers That You Should Own

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When you buy your first home, you'll likely find yourself working on a variety of projects indoors and outdoors. This is a time that you'll need a selection of tools, so visiting a local hardware store to buy the products that you need will be instrumental in helping you to get each job done. One category of tool that many homeowners will use is a hammer. Your hardware store has a large selection of hammers for sale. Among this selection, there are a few specific hammers that can be beneficial to own. Here are three hammers that you'll use countless times over the years.

Claw Hammer

A claw hammer is a versatile tool that comes in handy for all sorts of projects. It gets its name from the claw that is located behind the hammer's head. You'll use this hammer for pounding nails into wood, whether you're building a deck, constructing a wooden planter for your front porch, or even distressing a piece of furniture as a hobby. The claw of the hammer comes in handy for removing nails. In the event that you bend a nail, you simply turn the hammer around and use the claw to pull the nail out of the wood. Claw hammers are available with wooden handles and metal handles with rubber grips.


Your local hardware store also carries a selection of sledgehammers, and you'll want to buy one of these tools for various projects. A sledgehammer has a heavier weight than a claw hammer, allowing you to hit things with more force. A long-handled sledgehammer is handy for outdoor projects. If you're driving some metal or wooden stakes into the ground, for example, you'll have better luck using a sledgehammer than a claw hammer. A sledgehammer can also come in handy during demolition projects such as breaking drywall. If you're going to be remodeling a room in your home, this is a type of hammer that you'll often use.

Rubber Mallet

Another type of hammer that you may wish to buy is a rubber mallet. This hammer has a rubber head instead of a metal one, which is handy because it won't leave a mark on the things that you hit. For example, if you're installing hardwood flooring, you'll occasionally need to gently hammer the individual planks of wood into place. You won't want to risk damaging the edge of the wood by using a hammer with a metal head, so a rubber mallet will be a good tool for this job.